About the Text Description: User spent 0 Minutes in the Patient's record on this day:

About the Text Description: User spent 0 Minutes in the Patient's record on this day:

Maize begins counting time with a patient record if the user's click occurs within 15 minutes of each other based on the access/audit log. It would display 0 minutes if the user's clicks in the patient's record did not extend more than 60 seconds of each other. For example, if a click occurs at 12:18:01 and the last click on the access log for the day in that user/patient pair record at 12:18:43, it will display that the user spent 0 minutes within the record. 

If there are no more clicks within the next 15 minutes, the count defaults back to the last timestamp in the record for the time count. 

A caveat: if clicks occurred at 12:18:01 and then 12:18:08. Then there was a significant break, and the user's next click occurred at 18:34:01. Since 15 minutes passed between the clicks, the count started over rather than assuming that the user had been continually in the record. Thus it calculated that they were in the record less than a full minute, showing 0 minutes.

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