Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard Overview is the first page displayed when logging into the Explanation Based Auditing System (EBAS).  The Dashboard automatically displays basic analytics of all uploaded data, for the date range specified. Return to the Dashboard at any time by clicking the gauge icon

 Dashboard tabs provide additional summary views for workflow management.  See following page for descriptions.

Square icons in the middle serve as clickable shortcuts.  Summary data are provided at the bottom of each shortcut. 

Use the graph and table tiles to quickly analyze your data. Blue buttons or blue hyperlinks (dependent upon application version) within and under each tile take you to more details.  Page navigations allow you to review more results where indicated.  Search boxes and column sorting, within each tile, allows you to quickly navigate results.

My Tasks - provides a streamlined view of work assigned to you, as well as providing the ability to create custom tasks. Tasks are automatically added to your tasklist, along with a task type, when:
  1. ·      A scheduled task is assigned to you
  2.      A user is picked up by you in Radar
  3.      You create an investigation or ownership of an investigation is given to you
Reference:  See Tasklist User Guide for more details

Radar – the Radar suspicious users table displays users who ranked among the top 100 in one of the metrics shown in the table columns (see following example).  Values for all metrics are calculated for each user, but note that in some cases, users will not have values in all columns.