Glossary of Maize Terms

Glossary of Maize Terms


Is an individually logged instance (audit trail) of a user’s access to a patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Access Action Whitelist

Method to specify specific access actions (e.g. "Diagnosis filed") that should always be considered appropriate


Tools to display accesses in graphs and tables

Cached Results

Results that are saved on your computer for faster loading


Comma Separated Value file, similar to a spreadsheet


The first page displayed on EBAS after signing in

Diagnosis Responsibility

Ability within EBAS (Enhanced Explanations) to create and mine information describing which diagnoses each department treat. 


Explanation-based Auditing System, the Maize Analytics online EMR auditing tool


Electronic Medical Record


Interaction between a user and patient (e.g. appointment)

Enhanced Explanations

Enhanced explanations expand upon core explanations used for clinical and operational interactions with patients, to also include interactions between employees, departments, diagnosis, and geo-location.  (i.e. the oncology department typically treats cancer patients with chemotherapy, or diagnosis code V58.11)

Employee Data

Data associated with employees in an organization (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Title, Department, Home Address, etc.)


Reason for an access to a patient’s EMR (e.g. appointment, collaboration between hospital staff).  Explanations are automatically discovered by EBAS and can be represented as an appropriate access (Filter) or a suspicious access (Flag)


An explanation that has been turned on, and set as an activity that denotes an appropriate reason “why” a user accessed a patient’s EMR (e.g. documented in chart, entered an order, etc.) 


An explanation that has been turned on, and set as an activity that denotes a suspicious reason “why” a user accessed a patient’s EMR (e.g. Same Last Name, Co-Worker, etc.)


A way to assign locations to users to identify neighbor accesses


Collection of suspicious accesses and supporting information sent to reviewers

Machine Learning

Computer science tool that gives computers the ability to learn and infer from data without needing additional programming


Users or patients living within a short distance of each other, either currently or in the past (distance default is 0.25 miles)

Patient Data

Data associated with a patient (Medical Record Number, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Home Address, ICD Diagnosis, etc.)

Patient Timeline

A visual representation of accesses to a patient’s EMR


A list of users Identified as having potentially suspicious activity that may merit further review.  The Radar list can be found on the top of the dashboard (tab next to Overview)


Ability to filter a search by a specific rank criteria (Time Since Encounter, Nearest Neighbor, etc.) and sort the results by highest risk


When a person looks at their own EMR


A high-level overview of a user’s activity (for a specified date range), using visual representations like total accesses per day, access actions taken and the number of flagged and filtered accesses. You can find a link to a User's spotlight from the full access info page


Single Sign On, allows users to log in to EBAS with their institution’s username and password


The only user to access a patient’s record

Suspicious Access

Access that could not be explained by a clinical or operational reason, and/or may have met a suspicious access criteria (Same Last Name, etc.) 

Task Page

Automatically redirected page that displays current and past system activities (e.g. uploads, searches)

User Data

Data associated with a user (User ID, First Name, Last Name, etc.)

Temporal Constraint

Is a window of time that Maize applies to some forms of data (explanations, unique data fields used in search) that govern when the data should be active (included) for analysis. 

User Variance

Measure of deviations from a user’s typical EMR access behavior


Designation assigned to a patient to ease closer monitoring of their records


Designation assigned to a user to ease closer monitoring of their EMR access behavior



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