In-Depth Executive Reporting Guide

In-Depth Executive Reporting Guide

The Reporting and Analytics option includes several features to analyze and display data. Access this option by clicking the graph icon. You can create custom reports summarizing data by clicking the Executive Reporting tab. This guide covers how to create, schedule, and view reports.

Generating Reports

Create a new report by clicking the Generate or Schedule Reports tab or hyperlink, located under Executive Reporting.

The Create Report form appears. Use the form to specify data and additional details you would like included in your report. An example report is included at the end of this guide.

Scheduling Reports

Under the Create Form, you can design reports to be generated and delivered to reviewers on a scheduled basis. To receive reports, reviewers must have “Explore accesses and review analytics” privileges. Click + Add Rule or + Add Date to set report frequencies and exclusions.


Find a list of all scheduled reports under the View Existing Reports tab, by clicking the Saved Schedules bar at the bottom of the page. Owners can use icons next each listing to edit, delete, and view scheduled reports.

View Existing Reports

A list of all Saved Reports is also available under the View Existing Reports tab. Owners can use icons next each listing to view, download, or delete scheduled reports.

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