Release Notes

Release Notes

Major Updates


Employee Health Analytics (Covid-19 Monitoring) (January 8, 2021)

·      Added the Patient MRN, in parenthesis next to the patient name on the unique interactions table (navigated to by clicking on a patient or username from the main search results table(s)).

·      Added the ability to populate the COVID-19 tables with a customizable lookback window.  This means we can configure the data that displays the look back any number of weeks. Note:  Please contact the Maize support team to customize this for you. 

·      Added the probability a Patient/User pair had physical contact with each other.  This will be displayed on the unique interactions table, when clicking on a specific Patient or User.


Full Access Info (New Beta Page) (January 8, 2021)

·      Redesigned the Full Access Info page with an entirely new UI. We will be rolling this out as a parallel beta page.  Please contact the Maize support team if you would like to review this new page, in parallel with the current Full Info page.  


Search (January 8,2021)

·      Added the ability to customize the maximum download limit on search results.  Please contact the Maize support team to if you would like to change your current download limit.


Scheduled Tasklist (January 8,2021)

·      Added the ability to edit a scheduled task. Click on the task list icon at the top of your application, then open the task scheduler by clicking on the clock icon.

·      Added the ability to split randomized Saved Search results evenly among multiple users (assignees) on a scheduled task.  Note:  The even distribution of results will only work with assignees within the same organization.


Minor Updates


Dashboard (January 8, 2021)

·      Improved loading times of the VIP and Self Access dashboard tiles.

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